Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SHM Events: Zoo Trip with David Colman

This is a long overdue post, but I'd like to share some photos from our great zoo outing with David Colman on Friday October 19th. It was a wonderful trip, featuring lots of bear, tiger, and lemur drawing. David did his best to draw one-on-one with most of the students (difficult considering the large size of the class). Even some cold, drizzly weather couldn't keep these baddass SJSU students from kicking their learning up a knotch.

The SJSU gang

 Rachel and David in front of the Grizzlies


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Update, 2012: Digital Rendering Practice

 (4 hours)

(12 hours?)

In Theaters: The Master, Wreck-It Ralph

 Katie's Fall Movie Line Up:

With the time and money constraints common to most college students, I don't make it to the theater as often as I would like to. I did have the chance to catch two very different movies in the last few weeks: Paul Thomas Anderson's dark and strange The Master and Disney's new homage to gaming Wreck-It Ralph.

The Master

Its hard to get a handle on The Master.  In a loss for words I want to call it "an experience" to avoid the trouble of trying to describe one of the strangest movies I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. On the one hand, The Master is supremely shot and stunningly beautiful. On the other hand, I felt that the film never fully answered the questions it offered and its ambiguous ending did not feel thought-provoking; rather, it felt unclear and unresolved. Don't hear me wrong though: this film is still very much worth watching. Jaquine Pheonix and Philip Seymour Hoffman are sure to snag nominations if not Oscar gold for their powerful performances. They are without a doubt the best performances I have seen this year. Bring your thinking caps and leave the kids at home. This is a dark, troubling, challenging film for grown ups.

 Wreck-It Ralph

In a completely different vein, Wreck-It Ralph was a complete surprise and absolutely wonderful. Don't let the trailers fool you: this is a lot more than a buddy adventure flick or 90 minutes of slapstick comedy. Wreck-It Ralph challenges itself by exploring some genuinely tough themes of isolation, loneliness, bullying, responsibility, and sacrifice. It is honest, funny, supremely charming--and during some moments--even borderline heartbreaking. Wreck-It Ralph takes risks where many animated films seem leery to venture. This is a must see for all audiences.

Fall Update, 2012: Gary Soto Garage Development Work

The following images consist of development work for an environment based off of two Gary Soto short stories: "The Haircut" and "The Inner Tube." These stories, set in 1960's Fresno California, are autobiographical of Gary Soto's childhood. They capture his memories of growing up in a Chicano family struggling financially after the death of his father when he was five years old.  They also capture a sense of time and place as Gary describes childhood experiences universal to American culture in that era.

As I developed my environment, a detached garage behind Gary's family's California bungalow, I tried to chose elements which would help show Gary's transition from childhood to manhood. I sought to keep the environment masculine and chose to include artifacts which once belonged to his father (tools, the old motorcycle, weights). I imagine this as a "sacred space" for Gary, where he could escape to and have a place of his own.

Fall Update, 2012: Kitchen Sketch

Fall Update, 2012: Animal Drawings