Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Update, 2012: Gary Soto Garage Development Work

The following images consist of development work for an environment based off of two Gary Soto short stories: "The Haircut" and "The Inner Tube." These stories, set in 1960's Fresno California, are autobiographical of Gary Soto's childhood. They capture his memories of growing up in a Chicano family struggling financially after the death of his father when he was five years old.  They also capture a sense of time and place as Gary describes childhood experiences universal to American culture in that era.

As I developed my environment, a detached garage behind Gary's family's California bungalow, I tried to chose elements which would help show Gary's transition from childhood to manhood. I sought to keep the environment masculine and chose to include artifacts which once belonged to his father (tools, the old motorcycle, weights). I imagine this as a "sacred space" for Gary, where he could escape to and have a place of his own.

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