Monday, September 23, 2013

CREW OF YOU: Character Concepts

The Assignment:
Our next assignment for Barron Story's class is called "Crew of You." The idea is to fragment your personality into 6 different characters who will share a unique story, universe, and complex series of relationships with each other. A list of perameters are given to ensure variety: one character must be the opposite gender, one from a different generation, one which is non-human, one which is particularly associated with an element, and one which is a multiple, etc.


I did a series of sketches for each character. Some characters I had a very specific idea about, such as the wild and reckless Tucson depicted below. Others I simply had an idea of what role they would play.

Development for TUCSON

TUCSON - The Catalyst 

JANUS - The Destroyer

DELILAH - The Would-Be Sacrifice

SHEPHERD - The Unlikely Hero

TALLULAH & TYSON - The Exuberant Passengers

HARMONY - The Destination

Whats Next?
This week we are working on developing our environments and further enriching our narratives. I will post more about the story behind these characters as I post more images from this project. 

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