Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Barron's "Generations" project consists of creating 6 or more individual pieces on a subject, spanning 3 different eras/styles/genres of a subject. Over the summer I found myself diving into Bluegrass and Newgrass sounds.  I liked it because it sounded like folk with an edge and country with a little more grittiness and truth. 

For the final we cut, tore, glazed, glued, and stained our "bits" of visual material into one cohesive illustration that tried to tell the story of our subject as a whole. Like Bluegrass, which is an eclectic blend of folk, country, gospel, jazz, and 'ol time fiddlin', I got to smash together visually competing ideas into one, well.... hot mess. Here it is. The evolution of Bluegrass music. 

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